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  • Brides-July 2011-Wait, I Can’t Just Have a Wedding?
  • Heyo everyone.  I know it’s been quite a long time since I have shared my lack of knowledge on the female gender. Sorry about that. I’ve been kind of busy trying to become an adult.  That’s a whole other topic in itself.  Anyway, despite my best efforts months ago, I do believe my knowledge of […]

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  • First Post…Vogue Feb. 2011…Welcome to A Lot of Ads…
  • The first magazine I decided to sit down and read was Vogue from February 2011.  It has Kristen Stewart on the cover (the girl from Twilight) making some weird, sexy, zoolander type face.  I was immediately drawn to the sub-headline (not sure exactly what it’s called) “Perfect Hair at What Risk?” but we’ll get to […]

  • Cosmopolitan-March 2011

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  • Cosmopolitan-March 2011-I’m a Visual Person
  • For my next foray into women’s magazines I decided to read Cosmopolitan.  Now, if we were comparing Vogue and Cosmo to actual women, I would say that Vogue is the smart, confident, motivated girl who went to grad school and is now settled down with a family.  If I were to describe Cosmo it would […]

InStyle magazine. I was extremely excited because this issue had ‘500 pages of Spring Fashion!’.  This one took me a while due to the 500 pages. 500 pages seemed a little excessive.  This thing weighed about 3.4 pounds. At first I thought this was the magazine version of War and Peace.  Luckily InStyle isn’t much a magazine, but more so a giant picture book.  If InStyle were a woman it would be one with 600 pairs of shoes, a thousand different dresses living in a small apartment and running away from creditors because of her obsession with using her credit card to shop.  Whew.  I’ve never read a book in my life with 500 pages.  It made me wonder if InStyle was ‘bathroom’ material for women?  I don’t normally like to think of women on the toilet, but this magazine is LONG—it seems to make sense.    This magazine was similar in its written content to the others and dealt with the usual suspects: Sex, Life, Fitness, and of course, Fashion. Hard-hitting topics such as “What Goes with Which Jeans” and a full pull out page of Oscar fashion—reminded me of the Sports Illustrated for Kids posters I used to collect as a kid.  I am going to focus on the fashion portion in this post.  Mix things up a bit and go over what InStyle considers the ‘trends’ for Spring.  About these trends, I’m not sure who decides them or how they are considered trends but it was pretty interesting to see that ‘white’ was a trend.   Since I started dressing myself at the age of 22, the only male trend that I have followed is that a shirt and jeans go together. Anyway, on to the first ‘trend’…




Yes, color is a trend.  Not just any color, but bright colors!  Solid bright colors with other solid bright colors are a popular look this Spring.   Each trend had the sections ‘Why We Love it’ and ‘How to Wear It’.  I didn’t realize people needed instruction on how to wear clothes.  But in the lady world there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing different types of clothes and colors.  It’s starting to make sense why InStyle is 500 pages in length—it’s a giant instruction manual for how to dress.  I don’t really have a manual but I have a sure proof system:  it’s called ‘the sniff test’.




There are two types of Floral: Romantic and Exotic.   I always thought they were Daisies and Roses.  But Romantic and Exotic are the Cane and Abel of this years’ Spring trends.  One light and one dark.  Anyway, Floral consists of what else–floral patterns on dresses, shoes, purses, etc.  There are so many accessories for women.  It’s unbelievable how everything has to match and coincide with everything.  It seems overwhelming.  I can barely find two pairs of matching socks; I can’t imagine accessorizing my entire wardrobe.  Sidenote: why do models always look so upset?  I mean aren’t these clothes supposed to make people happy?  They always look so down as if they just saw something terrible.




Think Hillary Clinton. Moving on…




I was always told that you can’t wear white after Labor Day.  Whatever that means.  White, of course represents purity—as can be seen by the lingerie shown.  I don’t understand how this can be a trend.  It’s as if saying that breathing is a trend.  I feel that white is something that people always wear, but then again what do I know. Oh yea, nothing.  I just know that if I saw a girl in all white—I would be suspicious.




I’m not sure exactly what this trend consists of, but it appears to mean large hats, bellbottoms and big glasses.   It’s interesting how society as a whole tries to bring styles back or how vintage is new again.  I’m still waiting for 80s styles to come back.  The style made me think of the Jenny character from Forrest Gump.  ALERT: RANDOM TANGENT COMING.  Speaking of Jenny, think about her for a second.  What a terrible person.  She uses Forrest for his house, never responds to his mail and continually goes in and out of his life.  And if you think about it, if she has AIDS so does Forrest and there’s a good chance little Forrest has it as well.  She’s just a terrible person in cinema.  Anyway, moving on…




I always thought this trend was called, “Wow, you can literally see through her outfit”.  I found it interesting how each style is unique but is applied to the same shapes of clothing.  Dresses that are Lace have a different feel/look than dresses that are White yet they have the same shape and size.




It seems InStyle correlates ‘sporty’ with stripes or outfits that are similar to what  Paulie Walnuts wears.




Essentially, metallics=silver?  Oh InStyle using such cool terms to describe simple colors.  One of these outfits resembles what knights used to wear underneath their armor.


That’s pretty much for InStyle.  It was quite a read..err I mean ‘look’.  Lot’s of pictures and information but it does what it’s meant for: inform women about upcoming fashion.


Key Learnings:

-Women have accessories for everything

-Every aspect of a women’s style is taken into account—everything from her nail color to her necklace serves some purpose for her outfit.

-Being up to date in fashion is important to most women—in the ultra competitive world of women, being behind on fashion can be seen as a weakness.

-500 pages are a lot for a magazine.

Until next time…


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