Welcome to IDKAnything About Women.  That title should sum up my reasoning for starting this blog, because I in fact know nothing about women.   I really don’t know shit about women.  A woman raised me, women for a majority of my life have surrounded me and I have even had women want to date me.  So clearly I should have some idea on how to communicate, interact and even someday procreate with one.  Though I may have some idea how to do those things, in reality those elements are too on the surface, I am looking to get deep into the mind of women and I figured what better way to do it than become an expert in popular women’s publications.   Every man says he doesn’t understand women, I’m not saying it can be done, but I hope to try and at least uncover a few insights along the way. Women read these publications, take their advice and attempt to implement it into their lives and women write most of the articles!  So it seems to make sense if I want to understand women that I should read what they read about fashion, relationships etc.

I’m not sure exactly how this blog will work or if it will even serve a purpose, but I do know that my recent subscriptions to Vogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle and a variety of other magazines have cost me quite a bit so there is incentive for me to continue writing and learning as much as I can.   We’ll see where it goes….