Brides-July 2011-Wait, I Can’t Just Have a Wedding?

Heyo everyone.  I know it’s been quite a long time since I have shared my lack of knowledge on the female gender. Sorry about that. I’ve been kind of busy trying to become an adult.  That’s a whole other topic in itself.  Anyway, despite my best efforts months ago, I do believe my knowledge of […]

InStyle-March 2011- Look At All the Pretty Pictures…

InStyle magazine. I was extremely excited because this issue had ‘500 pages of Spring Fashion!’.  This one took me a while due to the 500 pages. 500 pages seemed a little excessive.  This thing weighed about 3.4 pounds. At first I thought this was the magazine version of War and Peace.  Luckily InStyle isn’t much […]

SELF-March 2011-I Want To Talk About This, And This, And This…

Self Magazine.  Wow.  What an experience.  This magazine felt as if I was talking to a crazed, sleep deprived genius.  If Self were an actual woman, I feel that she would be divorced at least twice.  Anyway, the cover was great because the incredible Minka Kelly was on it.  The cover also claimed that there […]

Glamour-April 2011-I Have Neutral Colors…

The next publication that I decided to read was ‘Glamour’ or ‘Glam’ or whatever version of the word ‘glamorous’ they decided to use.  This issue featured The 50 Most Glam Women of 2011. Glamour is more fashion centric, but of course covers the basics: sex, health and lifestyle advice.  It seems to be for more […]

Reasoning for this Blog…Figuring Out the Ladies

Welcome to IDKAnything About Women.  That title should sum up my reasoning for starting this blog, because I, in fact, know nothing about women. A little background on myself, I am a 20 something year old who recently got out of a serious relationship and when the evil, backstabbing, awful umm I mean when the […]